Hybrid Mail Case Study for Synergy Housing

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THE PROBLEM:  Synergy Housing is one of the largest affordable property management and development organisations in the Southwest. As similar Social Housing providers have experienced, the amount of mail being sent on a daily basis had the following inherent problems:

  • The cost of franking mail had become excessive
  • Tenants were receiving several letters a day from different departments
  • Letterheads were not on-brand;
  • Excessive use of C4 envelopes added to the postal costs
  • Letterhead templates were not being used properly, resulting in unusual folds so that the address could be read through the window envelope.
  • The man-hours required to print, fold, and insert mail had become a drain on resources.
  • All of the office printers were on standby for 80% of the time, yet the costs for these were increasing.



Synergy had tried to use a standard Hybrid Mail service, but found it inflexible for their wide range of needs. Working with Synergy’s Operations Department, CDP introduced “CDP-easypost” and delivered the following solutions:

  • Printed letters from various Business Units are now channeled through a secure web portal.
  • Letters were printed off site at an ISO registered mailing centre.
  • Templates were designed to ensure the address fitted the window with minimal folding.
  • To ensure Brand Identity, all print was on branded letterheads.
  • Additional templates were designed for use in Surveys etc.
  • A range of outer envelopes and BRE’s could be selected.
  • All mail could be viewed / amended / deleted up to a set time each day.
  • Postal discounts were achieved against previous franking costs.
  • Local office printers were removed thus increasing the cost savings.
  • True costs, down to specific User, can now be identified and budgeted for.
  • The reduction is man-hours to process mail means that staff can focus more on Client facing activities.


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